[Pyrzyce] Restaurant interiors

client: Faraon Cafe & Lunch

specific need: fresh and adjastable

area: 130 m2

detailed project 2015

The restaurant was decorated in the ’90 and needed some refreshment. Originally it was prosperous truck-bar localized next to busy state line. Since the new express road was built around the city the restaurant must have changed its customers.

The main problem was dark colors and limited options for rearranging the space – all of the seats were fixed to the floor.


rzemiosło architekci restauracja faraon before 2

We proposed complete change of color palette and deleted all the benches.

rzemiosło architkeci restauracja faraon (1)

Two zones were created, by underlining the shapes in the ceiling – blue next to the window and semi-white in the center. All of the wall panels were freshened up and painted in new colors.

rzemiosło architkeci restauracja faraon (3)

Small new tables  can be arranged accordingly to the needs of the customers. The armchairs are the invitation for good coffee and home made cake.

rzemiosło architekci restauracja faraon before

rzemiosło architkeci restauracja faraon (2)

The whole interior has bright, fresh character. Bon appetite!