[Złotniki] House, 345 m2

client: 2+2

specific need: one story house on the narrow plot

area: 345 m2

detailed project 2015

Untypical plot requires untypical approach. The owners dreamt about one story house, with everything they need located on the ground floor. The front of the plot is quite narrow, what made their choices limited. Fortunately they asked us for help – me made a promise, they will get what they were dreaming about, and we kept it!

rzemiosło architekci dom w złotnikach (2)

Of course on the early stages of the design we made it possible to adapt the attic in the future. We used this possibility really quickly, because during our work on the detailed project the Investors came up with the idea to arrange there a huge playroom.

The house is modern in its form, it has two arcades marked in darker color – one sheltering the entrance, the other the terrace.

rzemiosło architekci dom w złotnikach (4)

rzemiosło architekci dom w złotnikach (3)