[Szczecin] Flat, 62 m2

client: 2 + huge dog

specific need: resistant to paw marks

area: 65 m2

complition in progress

The interiors of the flat started to really bother the Owners. As it wasn’t enough one of the most important tenat – huge dog Bruno – managed to soil most of the walls to pretty high level.

It was the time for changes!

We proposed big changes in the funcional layout of the interior – new closets in the hall devuded the space between the hall and the living area. Also Bruno got a decent place to eat his meals.

In the living area we opened the interior towards the garden, and placed a bio fireplace in the middle.

The bedroom and kids room shows the Owners spirit – they love to have their head in the clouds. Panels on the wall allows the dog to sleep in its most favourite position – with all the paws up. Now if he gets the panels dirty, it will be far more easy to erase the marks.

The most painful room of the flat was up till the renovation was the bathroom. It was black and red, really dark place. Now it was supposed to be peacful and relaxing. Te choice of natural colours was no coincidence – now they can feel free to relax!