[Szczecin] Flat, 55 m2

client: młoda para

specific need: simple and just right!

area: 55 m2

detailed project 2015

First apartment is always lots of joy but anxiety as well for the new owners. Our clients decided not to test their own ideas and immediately approached us for help. We started the design process when the investment was still ongoing, so we had time and possibility to change the placement of the walls etc.

“We are boring! We like computers, games, movies – nothing special.” That’s what we heard at the beginning – their love to travel and constantly enlarged collection of fobs and magnets came to our attention at the very end of the design process.

2.1 przedpokoj

We decided to use very subdued color palete, based on white, grey and black – this is also what the Owners wanted. The color is only in decorations.

2.2 salon 1 a

2.3 salon 2 a

The kitchen cabinets are covering the whole height up to the ceiling. In small appartment, such as this one the storage space is extra important.

2.4 salon 3 a

We managed to find a place for dining and relaxation zone. We even fit the gaming armchair!

2.9 sypialnia 1

sypialnia 2

In the bedroom we went a little bit of crazy on the wallpaper.

2.11 gabinet

2.12 gabinet 2

In the home-office  we hang the magnetic map – place for all the magnets brought from around the world by Owners and their friends.

2.13 łazienka 2

2.14 łazienka 1